I’m late but I got here when I wanted to.

This was my mantra last week. I have been over run, over worked, overwhelmed and honey I am over it this week. 🙃

I am so proud of my growth because this time last year, hell this time last month, my cup was empTEE! I didn’t know up from down or left from right. All I knew was I was going and I was going quickly and continuously. I realized that is definitely for the birds. This weekend I slept in, luckily Kera got the memo. I woke up fed and changed the baby and skipped my ass right out the door to get my nails and brows done. I think it’s been a year since I got my nails AND toes done. I was gone for a few hours and when I came back, I got me a red bull and pretended nobody existed. I was having a selfish moment and it felt goodT.

Whew. I started this week off fresh. And I am loving it. I do owe you guys a “whoops” because you know I was supposed to blog yesterday and forgot. I can’t say I’m sorry because I’m not and yall know I don’t say that anyway. 😜 But, I should have stuck to my obligation and blogged because I have a few new followers so I have to put on my “ack right”. 😅

I really do appreciate you guys and I hope that you know that you too are worth an irresponsible splurge day too. 💗

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