Some days you have to just quit.

Hi. My name is Maisha Rush and I am inconsistent af with my blog🤦🏾‍♀️

People who come in a meeting a couple minutes late or miss a deadline are so apologetic to me but I get it. Life happens. And it’s aggravating but what I have learned is that I cannot control what happens around me. My job is to be as organized as I can so when a bump in the road happens it may slow me down but it doesn’t stop the show.  I also know that sometime you need a reset and that’s just what I did this weekend. My brother had a surprise engagement party (congratulations)  so we drove down to Florida. I had about 3 shots 2 beers and a mixed drink. I danced like I was 21 and I took time to enjoy myself. I had to quit my business and act a while entire fool this weekend and I loved wcwry minute of it. Before we headed back the family went to breakfast and hit the road. (By the way dad you still have my Arizona much mango drink).

I know your business is important to you and you need it to be successful but don’t forget to show out too even if that looks like a book or a movie binge. Remember, without a happy health you, your business won’t succeed anyhow.


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