I accept that.

You know what I REALLY hate? When people label you as something. Generally, especially as a black woman, I get labeled many things because people like to rely on hearsay instead of their eyes and common sense. But thats a black struggle conversation for another day.

I have birthed 11 children with #12 coming in just a couple of weeks. I am a full time unschooling homeschooler to my children, doting wife, business owner, and author. I am a mentor and a volunteer as well as a daughter and sister. These are the roles I take very seriously in my life. I never considered that I was “great” just always making the best of the hand I was dealt happily. Prior to giving birth to some of my children I was raising my niece and nephew since birth so I had 10 children before I ever had 10 children. They are back with their parents now. But do you know what label people gave me since I had 6 children? A supermom.

What tf is that? I hate that term. I would correct anyone even those who said it in a heartfelt manner, that I was no more a supermom than them or a woman with 1 child. There was nothing super about me. I just raised my children to the best of my ability, same as anyone else.

Recently I was coaching a client and she said someone called her a rockstar. She didn’t like it, it actually bothered her. I went on to tell her that she can not demean what someone else feels about her because she doesn’t yet see it in herself. I prompted her to think of what she has been through and consider that some people never Make it out of half of that. To someone she IS a rock star. Perhaps if she learned to embrace the compliments that she will start to see more of the quality of who she is and the strength in which she carries. Her being a rock star motivates someone and when she accepts that, she will walk with her head held high just like the rock star, I too believe, she is.

That is the greatest part of being a coach, I find myself taking in my own nuggets of wisdom that I oftentimes wouldn’t know were there.

Its hard to see what others see in us but sometimes we must for the greater good of ourselves. Everyone is phenomenal in their own way and when we learn to connect, genuinely connect, we will began to see a shift in a positive way.

So when you see me with a shirt on that says SuperMom, I may not feel like it on that day but I aim to. Everyday.

What’s your label?

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