Harpo! Who dis woman?

Never planned on having children.
I was LOVING my life, free.
Never planned on marriage (obviously because I got that shit wrong TWICE!) 🤣
NEVER wanted a house because I enjoyed being unstable. It was fun for me to hop city to city checking out scenes and meeting new people.
And an entrepreneur?!? TRASH!

SO, imagine me meeting this gentle guy swooning over me (not new 😜) and trying to make me his wife. Like EW! No sir, bye sir. 😂 Having a plethora of children, buying a home, and starting a business. Bruh. Who IS this girl?

I self sabotaged at every turn without even realizing it. My anxiety was always through the roof and my tolerance level was lower than the depths of hell, and I was okay with that.

My life was CHAOTIC!

I had to learn that the life I was living was destructive (if you want deets on that life read “self accountability” in my blogs) and that I did deserve better. But how was I suppose to do that? Transition my life of coping to a life I controlled?

Schedules and planning. This is why I know that in order to have positive affective consistency, you have to plan it out. Take control. What you put out is exactly what you get back so be intentional. Plan it out.
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Happy Monday.

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