I blogged already today but it was completely out of character and I needed to vent. I trashed it so if you missed it, your bad. Turn on your alerts. šŸ˜œ

I had a very bad day today. But I learned a valuable lesson today…again. Do not help people who did not ask to be help AND get that payment before the service starts.

I have a client that I did an analysis was 2 hours and I only charged for one (mistake #1). I emailed the analysis (mistake #2 I should have called) and the bill. AND I didn’t follow up in the 3 day period for payment (mistake #3). Well, I noticed that the analysis was read and a lot of things I mentioned were implemented. Good on them.for being receptive. But uhm. Where is my payment bruh?

Another client is getting more work out of me then they paid for and I’m over it. Smh. This is what happens when passion blinds your boundaries.

My biggest baby left for a job almost 800 miles away so that was stressful. I know some of you are like, let that boy be a man but first of all, F*ck you don’t judge me. šŸ¤£

We have a very strong bond and the feeling was mutual. I tell people all the time that my son and I grew up together so we have an easy relationship. I had him young and I learned a lot of lessons with him and because of him. He will be gone for 3 months and it broke my heart. Again.

I told him the hardest thing about being a parent is you have to hold someone so tight and love on them so hard just to let them go so they can soar. I cried like a baby. #sucker

From that moment on my day was just bad. I think o was just simply emotional because everything made me cry. I felt unappreciated from everyone AND i had a very dark moment. I didn’t like that.

I’m better now but I wanted to apologize to those who did read it. I am human and I do get mad despite the fact that I am a supermom. But it is not acceptable to pour the way I did because it was my emotions speaking.

I am still learning from myself everyday. I’m a work in progress and I’m okay with that.

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