Damn y’all!

I know y’all be like why she always telling her business? I tell my business because I know that that’s the only way somebody is going to make it through. Hell! Sometimes its the only way I make it through. And before I get started imma just say…

These children get on my DAMN nerve. 🤧

Just one nerve though. Its the cleaning nerve. Bruh! Like I don’t have enough shot to do in a day. My children hate me, GOT TO. Otherwise there is no way in God’s green earth that I would have to remind them everyday to pick up after themselves. 😭

Don’t get started about “they’re just children”. NO! No tf they’re not. These are children from the underworld that have come to destroy me and my cleanliness. They are baby Tasmanian devils that diminish anything clean. Ugh!🙄

Little known fact. I am a clean freak and no matter how much I try to accommodate them by excusing their behaviour as growing points, I cannot but consider that these babies are playing me. Ain’t NO WAY it takes this long to know how to pick up the straw paper you left in the table. Ain’t no way fam. Ain’t no way. 😌

The problem is, I am BIG on self accountability and I do not consider age to be an excuse. It drives me crazy. I literally be asking God “what I do?” cause there is nothing you can say to convince me that God told me that this,was going to be a part of my journey and I STILL agreed to cone down here to this kind of mayhem and foolishness. 😑

I’m getting a future maid. I don’t care if her ass got to sleep in the same room as me because BAYBEEEE! I deserve and so do you!😘

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