What have I done.

Sara’s birthday was this weekend and I allowed her and her sister to invite 3 friends each to stay the weekend. Yes, the whole weekend. It turned out to be seven but I couldn’t say no.

I am so glad I gave my girls this experience. I spent almost $400 on party prep like food and decor. They were supposed to go skating but at the last minute they decided they wanted to get in the pool. We don’t have a pool so McRush and I spent hours trying to locate one. Do you know that a lady in walmart,when I asked where the pools were, told me “Its back to school season there are no pools”. Then she let out a “Tuh” type of laugh and walked off. These people really feeling invincible with this job shortage. Hmph.

We didn’t find a big pool but they did get a small pool and played in the sprinkler/hose. They ate so much food, made so much mess, and one was pretty Damn hardheaded. But my babies enjoyed themselves.

Oh! Did I mention when we went to Wal-Mart the overnighters were like “can we all get something”. Now remember there are 11 girls total. They didn’t pick up toys on clearance. Oh no baby. They were picking up double and triple digit items. I’m like, your mama told you I was rich huh. 😂 Well imma stay rich cause y’all putting that Shit BACK.

They were so mad at me honey. But I already spent WAY more than I wanted and exerted far more energy and effort than I thought so yeah, no.

Last night I tried to hang with them but at about 3:20 a.m. I was OUT! I think they went to bed around 5. I was sure to wake they asses up at 830 this morning though. Fool me once, shame on me. It won’t be a twice. So now its 1230 and they are knocked out.

So yeah. I’m so happy I did this cause now I know, NEVER AGAIN! 🤣

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