Hey y’all hey!

There is a lot going on so I’ll start with the RushBunch. Trash. 2 out of 5 stars. Do not recommend. So you know that these children woke up today and chose VIOLENCE?! They decided to get up and dress themselves. They look like backwoods church in the park on Friday night. Lmao. Just kidding. While they did look rough around the edges, they were excited about their decision so I took a picture and gave them their accolades. I even let them.keep it on but definitely didn’t leave the house. 😂

I used to be one of those parents who would look at other parents like they were crazy because their child had on a tutu and mismatched shoes. Now I see their struggle. We just be like fuck it. 😂😂

Also, this pregnancy is going by too slowly and the constant sleepiness is kicking my ass..

Homeschooling is different this year. We are reviewing until December and after “Christmas break” we jump into more grade appropriate education. They still so the Montessori effect and we have strict school schedules.

Business is going pretty good. I miss my old team though. I had to let them go earlier in the year because I just wasn’t able to pay them salary instead of 1099 and this affected their performance. Not because they were incompetent or lazy but because they had to find other ways to generate income. That was not fair to them or the firm. 😖 It was a hard decision too.

Recently I was featured on Fox news you can see the clip here →https://foxcharleston.com/news-now/mother-of-10-and-consulting-firm-ceo-shares-work-life-balance-secrets/ Tapped to be a part of Entrepreneur and Buzzfeed’s upcoming Women in Power series. I found out tonight that I will be featured in VoyageATL magazine and a whole host of happenings. I am super excited to show up for myself and future clients.

McRush is still buying me purses so that’s pretty dope. He also recently quit his job to help more in the business so WE ALL IN BAYBEEEEEEEEEEE!

May the level up continue. I hope you come with.

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