Sickening sicklings

I know, its been a month since I blogged. I always say I am going to create a schedule but you know I be lying. 🙄

So the house is sick. Not me but everyone else. Its lonely out here for a healthy beauty such as myself. 😛 But if ever a time I want to pack my shhhhh and roll out is when the house gets sick. Uh muh GUD! I become everything. I hate being the everything. Its exhausting. I have to restrict people from coming to my house for awhile because I have no idea how my babies got sick. We have been in the house all month!

Business wise this has been a great month. We hired two new employees and although I worked MUCH less than ever I also made more money than any other January since we have been in business. I may consider doing nothing more often lol.

Outside of that I really have nothing much more to check in about although I had a ton of things I thought about blogging on as I cooked dinner. 🤦🏾 This overactive yet forgetful brain of mine, I swear! I literally have to catch myself in the moment or its gone forever.

Oh! One last thing before I go. We’re expecting #11. I’m not really sure I’m super excited but I am grateful. 🤷🏾

But for real. Tomorrow I have to make schedules, well see if blogging makes the cut. If not, ill just have to keep you guessing. 😘

Bows and breakfast.

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