Bad parenting

Everything I do is for my family. From the moment I wake up, through meditations, manifestations, and prayer. To the moment I lay my head on the pillow, or floor depending on where I am, my every though and action is family. More specifically my babies.

Well let me tell you about one of my ungrateful crumb snatchers!

Nevermind I dropped out of law school to pursue a full time position in homeschooling.

No matter the fact that I could be lavishly living with a $260,000 salary with an company that shall remain nameless.

Oh! And God forbid I bring up the fact that I have not seen hide nor hair of an 8 hour sleep-fest in YEARS!

I read to my children everyday, spend quality time with them both collectively and individually. I steal them away on surprise ventures. We cook and clean together. We share intimate moments together and we have phenomenal relationships.

Yesterday, and this is something I strongly urge you to do with all of your children, Ty said something mean to a younger sibling in a moment of anger. After talking to him about using his words to encourage not demean, I had him write on a piece of paper what he loved about everyone in the house, what he wished each person would do more of, and something he disliked that each person does.

Well, he gets to me and he says he loves that I am nice, he doesn’t like when I fuss, AND GET THIS! What he wished I would do more of is……..

Love him! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

These ingrates! They don’t care about us.

In the changed words of Megan The Stallion,

“Rushbunch kids give a f*ck about parents feelings”


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