This that bullsh*t

Who ever created children needs to be interrogated on their TRUE agenda. I still have yet to see the purpose they serve and low Key agree with my mom who said they (we) are meant to be our servants. πŸ˜‚ This would all be believable if she did not instill in my children that I am their slave and I am to cater to their every begging need. πŸ€” I’m starting to question her loyalty to me.

For people who still question how I manage to get it all done, and by all I mean homeschooling, running a business, maintaining [what people tell me is] a clean house, all while maintaining my sanity which is relative at this point. My answer is schedules, but that’s just the half of it. Discipline is a necessity when managing a big household and still find time to satisfy your business needs. When we have schedules in place the house runs smoothly. What type of schedules? Any and every schedule you can think of. Cleaning, school, work, activities, laundry, cooking, children quality time, personal. Creating those alone is a pain but I know that without them there is chaos. I learned long ago that although I love working under pressure its totally different from chaos. From the time we get up to the time we go to bed, its scheduled. Baths are scheduled, eating is scheduled, and even quiet time is scheduled

Being pregnant brings on other issues like “eff that schedule, I just want to sleep”. While most people cave into this luxury, my home will come apart at the seams if I did. However I will sneak in a nap once or twice a week. Expecting baby #11 made me literally laugh out loud at God mischievous plan for my life. I pray for money He gives me babies. Imma stop talking to Him. πŸ™„

Its a great thing that I truly enjoy what I do with my consulting firm. Its even better that I own it. I am at the point in my life that I don’t understand how anyone keeps a job. The shenanigans these jobs be pulling is beyond my tolerance. Then again, I’ve always been a feisty cookie. πŸ˜‰

Its not my goal to be some kind of superman but I will humbly accept that title if it empowers you where you are and propels you to follow your heart and dreams. You can have whatever it is you desire. All you need is to turn that desire into action and watch you win! Lets get it!

If you are looking to turn your hobby into a stream, major or minor, of income. Lets talk.

This is an appreciation post for when I was supa dupa fly. Now I’m just supa fly 😜

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