Whew..what a day!

My sister got married today. I did not help her like I should have. I feel pretty bad about that. I have been trying to think of ways that I can make it up to her in the near future. She is my baby.

Juggling life, family, business, and school is a lot but its still no excuse.

What a hectic day. My feet hurt like hell AND I cannot WAIT to let my head hit this pillow.

I got dolled up today. I hate being dolled up because for me its just another task to tackle everyday but I must say, it came out very well. I may have to figure out this make up thing and try to incorporate it. My oldest son didn’t like it. Well, he said he liked it but it wasn’t the me he is used to. He also does not like makeup so take that into consideration.

I am so happy for my sister and I do not think I could love another man for my sister. He has the brightest personality but can be very serious. He is an entrepreneur (you KNOW I love that!) He also works (Go ahead King!) most importantly he treats my sister with utmost respect and love. I have been calling him BIL (Brother In Law) for years and now he is my brother.

But let me take a minute to dote all over my sisters best friend, Jazz. I’m not putting her real name because 1. She is not getting paid to be in my blog. 😜 2. Y’all might try to steal her like I have considered several times. 🤷🏾 This woman is the epitome of best friend. Like, in the dictionary, beside nest friend is this beautiful smiling black goddess named Jas Jazz. (You almost got me!) I swear she has had my sisters back through everything and when I say she stepped in!

Listen! I love her simply for the reason that she has my sisters best interest at heart and she acts on it, DAILY. I love you Jazz. I know you read my blogs because you are so dope! 👀

I just wanted to say congratulations to my sister and brother on sealing the deal today.

I am posting a crappy shot because I did not get permission to post pictures of their day yet. But know that I love you Gabrielle, forever and always.

-Big Sis

(I was standing outside the window stealing pics)😂

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