Well. I was on a roll. I missed yesterday. 😢

My mom is in town. πŸŽ‰

My sister is getting married tomorrow. Watching her go through the stress of planning a wedding make a me even more satisfied that I eloped. All three times. The benefit of it? Family comes to celebrate with you. If you like that sort of thing.

The RushBunch has been pretty relaxed in their schooling this week. I was hosting a contracts class this week and they were in reading and worksheets heaven. ←That’s sarcasm. They HATE doing worksheets. They much rather learn by me teaching.

I need a nanny. Business ventures are picking up and I do not want to stretch myself thin.

For next week. Its learning on the go! I have a few business meet ups on the docket and they will learn on-the-go. History is pretty much the only thing you can teach while driving. An social studies but they don’t like social studies much so History it is.

This is one of the reasons I absolutely love homeschooling. If I weren’t id be subject to pick up and drop off hours then traffic. Nah.

If you are an entrepreneur and have children homeschooling is the way to go, I know you may think, what about when I have a meeting? For introduction meetings I do not recommend so stash some cash and get a sitter. This is when you must be time conscious. Hold yourself accountable for a schedule and budget wisely. If its not a first time meeting. Bring something that will occupy your child and get it done.

Some people say, my child would be all over the place! I can’t take them with me! If that is your response I want you to read over that statement again and know that I say this with love.. If you do not have control of your children your business will suffer. You will constantly be stressed out over scheduling appointments around your children’s behavior and you will be rushing impromptu calls with anxiety which means your are not giving your best. I would suggest you start to take any down time and spend it with your child teaching them how important the business is to you and how it effects the family.

Running a business from home with children can be done. You have to have discipline and time management. You also have to be organized. Now it the time to learn these traits together. ❀️

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