Entrepreneur babies

The best part about being a business owner is your children are watching. There is a festival coming up and #3 wants to be a vendor.

I am so excited to see the hard work and dedication she is putting in. She actually has 2 businesses so I am elated to see where she goes with it. She is only 9 and I see her marketing and advertising. She hustles the little girls in the neighborhood to purchase her products and then she turns around and gets the adults with her other business. She could be making more if I weren’t so busy.

I talked to a young lady who wants to focus on helping child entrepreneurs gain confidence in their vision and brand and I cannot wait to work with her for my daughter.

As she was working tonight on getting her merchandise together, the rest of the Rushbunch sat around discussing their plans to start their own businesses.

I am a very proud mama of all of my babies, how well they excel in coursework and their eagerness to learn new things.

Homeschooling is definitely one thing I would recommend for any busy family who wants their children to explore their creativity and set the tone to always think outside the box.


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