This is the look that you get.

This is the end of the day look of a wife who stayed up late to make sure she saw her husband off with his packed lunch.

The look of a woman who went to bed at 3 just to wake up at 430 because #8 woke up for a glass of water and a rock-me-back-to-sleep. The woman who jumped up at 730 to get her oldest son to work on time because he’s having car troubles.


This woman who makes hot breakfast for her children every morning. Yeees. This is the woman who rushed to answer emails and finish modules for an online session she had to teach.

Here is the woman who homeschooled 8 of her 10 children while conducting conference calls. She after 3 consultations, managed to call and check in on her mom and cook dinner.

It was her that closed the deal today on a contract and changed diapers and wiped noses and tied shoes while breaking up fights and maintaining her calm reminding her children that it was love or nothing at all.

She, who after checking on clients and answering emails then taking calls from government officials still cuddled with her daughter and made jokes with friends while pushing through a migraine because she forgot to finish her breakfast 🤔 lunch?

All super heroes don’t wear capes and all days aren’t great. But make no mistake, she wouldn’t change it for the world.

She wouldn’t change it for the world.


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