An open letter to my babies.

I hope you know that I love you with every fiber of my being. I know you know I love you but its much more than you know. I know growing up is hard. I know there are times where you have done a good thing and I didn’t make you feel like it was a good thing. There are times, I’m sure, that you have done something nice for me and it went unnoticed. I’m sorry. I know that I sometimes lose my cool and instead of talking to you I raise my voice. The words I choose are not always the best ones and as soon as they leave my mouth, I wish I could snatch them back. I know you think I’m the best mom but I know I can do better. I try to do better, some days better doesn’t come. Sometimes great lingers. But any day with you in my life is heaven. It may not always feel like I wouldn’t trade you for the world but I wouldn’t. I know that I would burn this world to ashes to keep you safe. Your happiness is my goal and some days I miss the mark but that doesn’t change how my heart beats for you. I know I want nothing but the best for you and I will breathe my last breath to make it happen. Sometimes that looks like long days. But know that even now, as you sleep, my mind is shifting trying to create ways and moments to make you smile. Nothing in this world amounts to the love I have for you. I hope you always know that, even on our worst days. You are PHENOMENAL. You are amazing. You are the reason I breathe. I love you my RushBunch. May you always know that. May you always feel that. ❤️ Mom.

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