When things fall apart.. my version.

When trouble comes your way.

Glass half empty thinker.
“The devil is trying to stop me”

Glass half full thinker.
“The universe is making sure I want it bad enough”.

So many obstacles came my way this week as I am preparing for this awards ceremony that I am already nervous about.

As an introvert it is nerve wrecking to be amongst a crowd.
As a Leo, there is a certain, shall I say, vanity that goes along with being seen. Everything must be perfect. As you can imagine, this is a hectic mix.

This week I have been battling a fever and chills. Not sick just tired. (I believe my iron may be low 🤷🏾). I have a swollen lip. A swollen lymph node under my arm that is painful to say the least, and now, just 5 hours away from Showtime, I have a migraine coming. This is where most people would reply “the devil blah blah blah”. But this is an irresponsible response to life. The devil’s hand isn’t IN everything. Most times it’s your poor choices in life, or simply something that came with the territory.

Let me just pause for a moment to remind you that I do not subscribe to the belief that there is a devil outside of our alter egos.

The fever and chills is because I have been pushing myself toward goals this past month or so and have not been taking proper care of myself with adequate rest and diet (in addition to a 4 vs 1 day heavy cycle).

The swollen lip, I talked about in a previous blog which actually did turn out to be a acidic reaction to something I ate.

The lymph node under my arm is also my fault as a reaction to not eating right which flares my diagnosis (I spoke about this as well).

The migraine is my anxiety. I feel like I am falling apart a.d nothing is going according to plan.

See. Self accountability with be the party pooper to any pity party (imma tweet that 😂).

I wrote all that to say. Stop being so quick to accept responsibility for your wins but quick to blame someone else (fictional or real) for your failures.

Maybe the devil (😐) isn’t trying to block you. Perhaps You aren’t doing what your supposed to do to maintain happiness in your life.



Maybe God/Universe is trying to see if you want it as bad as you say you do.


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