Unschool, reschool, deschool, homeschool?

There are so many adjectives to choose from and I have tried them all. There are so many structures to apply, or not apply, to learn the best way that your child learns. Being a mother of 10 can be additionally exhaustive because no two children learn alike.

While this may seem like a lot to mentally process, I assure you it is time that will help you most.

Homeschooling is based on the idea that children can learn at their pace instead of being pressured to move according to their classmates. One child will always progress faster than the other. My two six year olds for instance (no not twins). My boy, surprisingly, learned quicker than my girl. He picked things up, excelled, and retained at a more progressive rate than she did although she was not lacking or failing by any means. Some children just develop a love of learning and some do it because they know they need to but its not as interesting as playing. And that’s okay. That is the joy of homeschooling, they can break when they want (when you approve). It can be used as a reward or even just part of curriculum.

After watching Akeelah and the bee, there was a scene where she jumped rope to keep the spelling of a word. They loved this and we used this method to learn syllables. We used hopscotch for math, etc.

Child led learning has absolutely been the best method for us. I kind of give the children a break from learning for a week, outside of unschooling which is trickery that they are unaware of 😂. Then, I let them come to me with what they want to do. Right now we are doing ASL and because this is something they chose, they have picked up over 100 words and phrases in a week! How phenomenal. This is something I know traditional school would not have been able to accomplish with the RushBunch. Even our 1 year old can gesture a few meanings. In addition we are learning about WW1 and WW2, French, and letter writing using applied English composition. Again, these are subjects they chose which means they are more likely to retain the knowledge they acquired.

I am excited for their journey and honored to be such an instrumental part of it.

What is your family doing?


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