New toys for big boys.

So something I don’t talk much about…


I think I may have hurt his feelings the other day when I said “I am tired of feeling like a single parent”.

The truth is sometimes I do. And that’s not to negate ANYTHING he does because he is a great father, husband, and phenomenal provider. As a homeschooling parent to the RushBunch who is home all the time (outside of attending conferences and meetings for my business). It can get exhausting as rewarding as It is in the long run, I would be a liar to have you believe otherwise.

I oftentimes tease that he “gets to leave the house” and of course his response is, ” I don’t GET to, I have to.” We laugh but he may feel slighted sometimes which is absolutely not my goal.

I have a great thing. I know I do. I love him to pieces and appreciate him more than I could ever say or show.

He makes it possible to stay at home with our babies. And being married previously as well as being in relationships prior; I know THAT’S a big deal.

We recently hit a rough financial patch and McRush is picking up every available hour known to man but I miss him being around more. (The extra money is NICE THOUGH!)

I gotta make it up to him so I guess I’ll be doing some Jill Scott and grapefruit soon… OW OW!😜 Be on the lookout for #12 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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