Under my bed?

So the other day I posted a picture of me stealing a moment in our truck eating pretzels.

In a matter of 5 minutes the RushBunch not only found me but bombarded my space. So there I was, sharing my pretzels.

Prior to the hideout in the truck it was my closet. Before the closet, the bathtub. Before that the downstairs bathroom. Is there no place these tiny human will seek me out?

They started out invading my body, I did not know that having children that it meant an all inclusive invasion of my life.

Running a business and homeschooling is a rather tiring feat on some days, today being one of them. But I would not change it for the world. I am.proud to be able to allot my children the freedom.of life as it should be even though instead of exploring they are under me.

I am at lost of hiding spaces but I guess I could share.


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