Rude or nah

I have come to the conclusion that I may be raising what society may deem, rude children.

Oftentimes I blogged about how we raise our children and there will always be that question with their nose turned up, ‘why?’.

Why do I not allow my children to apologize or say they are sorry.

Why do I allow my children not to speak back when spoken to.

Why don’t they say God bless you when someone sneezes.

Why don’t they say grace before eating.

These along with a multitude of other non conventional methods like,

Why don’t I help my children up when they fall or why each child has to ask for something even if someone (or everyone) else has it.

Some say I raise them rudely but I say self sufficiently. When you expect too much you get your feelings hurt.


8 thoughts on “Rude or nah

    1. Correct. But sometimes conforming out of your comfort zone to appease others, while successfully living cohesively, oftentimes leads to issues within yourself that can lead to anxiety and depression. No?


      1. Well. I would disagree. I’m pretty successful and don’t teach my children to do anything I don’t do. Perhaps if your read more than just this blog you would have a better understanding of how/why I teach my children the way I do and why it is more appreciated than going with the humdrum of everyone (aka society’s) else’s standards/mannerisms.


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