I was warned but didn’t listen.

Rush Consulting Firm, my baby, has always had a soft spot in my heart; well not always because it was started in 2009, but ever since then.

I have enjoyed all of my clients. I have enjoyed coaching and consulting, building and planning, promoting and supporting. It had always been a goal of mine to help people and with Rush Consulting Firm, I am able to do just that. I have met many amazing and inspiring people along the way and even gained a few friendships.

Over the years I have had to revamp the face and structure of the business to scale down on products and services because I often times found myself too overextended whether it be for my ill focus or growing family. But I am happy to say that I have found my honed focus and I cannot be happier.

The problem with this is, I am often told that I am too honed in and my demographic is not broad enough. I rebelled even though one of the people who told me this is a man I look up to and is my absolute go-to in times of needed advice, my millionaire mentor. I didn’t rebel in the sense that a teenager would but more in the mindset of, I know this can work.

Business was doing very well, so well that I was more hopeful than ever that I would be able to rely on only Rush Consulting Firm to sustain my family.  I wasn’t happy and I felt like I was not going in the direction that I had envisioned for the company years ago.  So, I stuck to my guns and made the shift and I am suffering. Emotionally it is draining. Mentally it is frustrating. Financially I am at rock bottom.

I am writing this blog because I always speak about going after what you want for your business, and I still mean that, but I offer you my transparency that it is scary and I do not know what else to do but push forward.

I currently have no clients on my roster and all of my previous clients have reached their level of success where I felt I could release them. Of course, we still talk and I offer up pointers but they have reached a pinnacle where they are flourishing.

So, here I am all fresh and new-like and feeling like I am starting over. It is absolutely a fearful point in my life but I know I can make it. I have started over so many times that I am actually bewildered as to why I feel so hesitant and afraid.

The direction I have decided to go in with Rush Consulting Firm is assisting more black people in starting their own business. Am I exclusive to black [brown] people? No, absolutely not, but that is my focus. I feel that in today’s society we must tap into our strengths and ideas and rise to the top, no longer be seen as the underdog. There is a plethora of knowledge out there and leaves no reason that we should still find ourselves waiting and wanting a handout. We can build businesses and become a part of the ‘elite’ with hard work and dedication.

There was not always this availability of information for us but now there is and I want to do my part to help with the growth and maintenance of the community.

There is no reason we should not be among the many in Forbes and entrepreneur and the like. We are full of ideas and inventions, its time we let our light shine to brighten the world.

The problem is, in all honesty, we still think small, and we still feel like we are a suppressed people. We refuse to rise up to our greatness. We have lacked the knowledge and belief that we are more than the minority for so long that now we believe it.

I am ready to break the curse but many are not ready so here I am, ready, willing, and able to assist and I am not getting the support like I was from ‘other’ people. I am determined though, even in this time of fear. And I believe that because my heart is in it as well as my soul, that I will see my vision for Rush Consulting Firm come to fruition.

I must admit, that I am contemplating a go fund me account to keep this company afloat. But I am no beggar, I am a hard worker who believes in the magic of melanin and hard work.

See you at the top.


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