Lighten up but tighten up.

Today I wore a shirt that I really liked. Its an all white tee shirt with the words, thinly but neatly inscribed, ‘Think Positive’. I don’t wear it that often because of my pregnant belly but today I was feeling my vibes so I figured, why not.  I didn’t spend much money on this shirt but I did spend more than usual because I was supporting a small black business. I went about my day remembering the words ‘Think positive’ I was so anxious to display because it was reflective upon how I felt this morning.

As a mom and business owner, I oftentimes do not consider my attire and today was no different. I have on the tee shirt, a pair of leggings (NOT see through), a cami tee and socks; nothing fancy. By the end of the day, my shirt is filled with blood on my shoulder, red sauce on my sleeve. a dirt hand print an my belly and chalk on my butt. I snickered to myself in thoughts of an younger me who would have had all kinds of fits because my clothes are ruined. But as I look at this shirt, one of my favorites, all I see is love.

The blood on  my shoulder is when #8 hurt himself and I swooped him up and rocked him to a calm state. The red sauce is when #9 and I sat outside in the rocking chair sharing some noodles. The dirt hand print is when #7 patted me with excitement as a tractor rolled through our neighborhood. The chalk on my butt is when I sat outside with the RushBunch and drew on the ground. Lets not forget about the stretched belly from #10.

People ask how I do it and I can never give a definitive answer because really, I don’t know myself. All I know is I take life one day at a time and though my days get hectic and I may even cry (from stepping on a lego) my family is an accomplishment I am proud to share with the world.

I take pride in them and my businesses. I run them the same. with ease and love. But never take it too easy because just like children, it will run you ragged if you let it.

I have Mondays off and for the first time in a long time, I took today off from business and focused on myself and self care. I did things that made me smile. Luckily for me that was hanging out with the bunch.

There was a question posed on FB today, what would you get if you could go to any spa. I chuckled at this question because I have never been to a Spa. My reply was, I would settle for an hour of quiet time in the lobby.

Sometimes its the simple things…. Really, its always the simple things.


what stinks

Happy Birthday Madison.

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