It’s deeper than that.


Thank you for checking in. I would like to focus on something I normally do not speak upon; Money.

It is often assumed that we reap the many ‘benefits’ of public assistance because our family is so big, but lets be quite honest, its more so because we are black than any other reason. That’s a conversation for another day though.

You would be surprised at just how many times my family has been denied medicaid, food stamps, cash assistance, or even financial help from programs like LIHEAP; liquid assets I suppose because our pockets were definitely a liability when we found ourselves in a position to seek out such help. What I did learn though, is we are better off without it? Why? Accountability. I may make a few enemies with this but it is one of  my most favorite sayings. It is from Mr. Bill Cosby when once speaking for the Rainbow Coalition a few years back. He stated that we rely too much on the welfare system and by welfare he was speaking in its entirety including public housing. He said “The system is not set to sustain you but for you to move in, move up, and move out.” [I paraphrase.] We all have moments in life where we need help but taking advantage of this ‘help’ is not only irresponsible, it’s  selfish. What about the people who really need it, even more than you but you are celebrating the fact that you pay $7 in rent while raking in hundreds of dollars in food stamps and cash assistance while simultaneously keeping yourself and children geared up in the latest fashions? You could, no you should be saving that money to buy a home, cash even, with all the money you save. Start a business. Something besides attaching value to such materialistic things that completely depletes in value the moment you purchase it.

This is not a post to belittle or offend anyone because I and my family were down and out a few times before arriving where we are, both mentally and financially. It is a post to make you consider your intentions.

My business Rush Consulting Firm, is set to show you how to build a business on a solid foundation without breaking the bank and maintain your business by maximizing your dollar. I have a Business mindset series that will start January 10, 2018 last through June 2018 and its FREE. It will be streamed via Periscope. While the information I will be giving out is awesome for starting and growing your business mindset, I think That I will add some streams that speak on financial literacy. Now I am no financial adviser so I will not be going into depth due to liability, but I can definitely share some tips I have learned that helped me along the way.

There is a growing concern over our debt in America and if you live here, you should be concerned about it too. Our biggest reasons for financial deficit? Yup, public assistance i.e. Medicaid and Medicare, two of the biggest things we rely on. But we can start our businesses and help the economic structure or wait, getting everything we can until its dried out, and later suffer the consequences.

I also get from people, that I have secured my retirement plan with my children, my first thought is how grossly ignorant such a comment is. The truth is, I am securing theirs and McRush and I’s by teaching them financial literacy in addition to becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. This is also one of the reasons I chose to home school our children, these very basic fundamentals of life are not taught in school. This along with self respect, humanity, and confidence are the things that will pull the economy together but, in my humble opinion, that is not the goal of the government but I will stop there before I find myself in trouble.

I do hope you will join me in the Business Mindset Series via Periscope starting in January so you can take a hold of your financial stability starting with the mind set. If you do not have Periscope, get one, of course its FREE! Then go to and come ready with a notebook to jot down all the awesome Rush nuggets I will be giving out!


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