running around

The one thing that drives me crazy is the children running around the house when they should being doing school or housework. I am constantly repeating myself about do what meeds to be done then you can have youe fun. 

Such a hypocrite. 

The one thing I am learning about myself is I do the same thing, except its more internal and mental. When I am supposed to be doing one thing my mind is wandered off already, as if disinterested,  onto my next task. And what happens when you lose interest in something? You abandon it. What you find out about being a parent is you soon realize its all relevant. Whatever drives you crazy the most about your children is usually the same exact thing that you need to look inward of yourself. Fix it. 

Life is funny that way. But see, I have a double dose and not because I have 10 children but because I have clients whom I treat like my children. I love them almost instantaneously and I care about their personal, as well as business, well being. Some of them don’t listen and I find myself once again repeating but here’s the kicker, I’M NOT LISTENING TO ME.  So even when they do follow my instructions, I don’t. Then I get those salty phone calls telling me how wonderful my advice was and that they followed it to the letter and received awesome results.  After the call I sit there shaking my head at the very stubborness that drives me crazy about my children. Too busy being distracted and lost what you could have attracted. 


This is also a word I have probably hated my whole life but what I do know is it actually works. It takes a lot of time and effort to put it together but once you find your groove everything will flow. If we are on a schedule my life is easy peasy. If not, I oftentimes want to lay in bed tucked under my covers eating buttered toast <— my comfort food, don’t judge me. 

So the next time you are about to yell or fuss at your children, look within first. You will be surprised how much this helps YOU grow. 


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