This is just a quick blog to show some iRush, okay just me, transparency. 

I know I motivate and encourage you guys often, don’t deny it, I see you beaming after reading my posts! 

I try to motivate you just because we all need it every now and again, I do to. What I want you to know though is that motivation is great because it gets you pumped and feeling like you can move mountains (because you can) but motivation is nothing if you allow your fears to set in. At the very moment that fear tries to poke its head you must do two things.

First you push back with how great you are, the accomplishments you have made, and the many obstacles you have overcome by not succumbing to fear. Next you need to address that fear, head on, NOW. Do not put it off. Ask yourself, “what am I afraid of?”.

Today, like any other day I sought to collaborate with a very well know company to assist in pushing [the] agenda for building small businesses. I was quickly overcome by fear. Not fear that they would reject me, fear that they would accept me! How crazy is that! 

That is oftentimes what I speak to my clients about: their fear of success. 

How did this hit me now! Me?! 

Well, I reminded myself of how great I am (yes cocky confidence is definitely needed to overcome fear). I oushed myself to believe I am worth this, Rush Consulting Firm is worth this. I mean this is what I am working towards right! Well in taking a deep breath and facing this fear, I realized that my problem was because I did not feel like I am prepared enough for that yes. What this made me do was look over, rather comb over all of my processes, prices, and business plan to be SURE I was ready. Then I proceeded, after a few tweeks of course. And now the collaboration I was so fearful of is mine. What’s best is I was more than readily prepared.

Tear down your fears and build up your business.


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