No one Can steal my Joy

So I am minding my business, like literally, minding Rush Consulting Firm and every time I turn around someone is commenting or staring, or in some other way attempting to drain my positive energy or otherwise dampen my spirits.

Well, here is the problem with that; I learned long ago that my peace is mine. The only way someone can take it is if I give it to them.

There is so much going on in the world that you really have to be grateful for where you are right now. No matter where you are right now. If you have a hard time doing that, remember that where you are right now is probably not your lowest. We have to learn how to trust ourselves more. Stay calm in time if troubles and keep pushing, it only gets worse if you stop.

I love what I do and oftentimes I do it for free, I catch a hard time for that because people will pay for anything now days. But, I have a hard time charging to motivate someone who just needs a listening ear. Because of this, I sometimes struggle with my own finances, hell, I still don’t have living room furniture. But  I am happy.

I remember going through hard times and all I ever wanted was to be happy. Sure with a family my size, 9 children and one on the way, money is great. But my children want for nothing and all of my bills are paid. Anything extra is, well, extra.

I am not one to fake for the cameras, shoot half the time I won’t get in front of one because I don’t feel like faking for the camera. I like to be real and from the heart. My clients usually make me cry because I see me in them. They make me meditate and pray for them. They keep me on my toes. So while I am supplying them with a service, they are supplying me with the joy of doing what I love, and thats being there.

I wish I had me a me when I was going through because I assure you, I would be conquering the world. But if that were so, I wouldn’t  be where I am today having the ability to do what I do now for so many people who need it.

This boat of life, I tell you, Its something else. You ride the waves and enjoy the ripples. You absorb the calm and bask in the sun.

As a black woman, I find no greater comfort than being there for Reflections. Its something so…. God given.


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