Why do we fall?

It is a mindset that is instilled in us that when we fall, we have failed. And when we fail we are useless. When we fail we lose confidence in ourselves and we gain fear. 

I recently spoke to a friend about fear, I believe I tweeted as well. God did not give us the spirit of fear, it is something we willfully took in. You must be sure to mind your emotions and your reactions. Your reactions can get you hurt and your emotions will make you attach.

Falling does not mean failing. Only quiting after you have fallen equates that. Falling means, above all things, that you tried. Falling means you have learned what to avoid and what not to do. Falling means nothing less than I have experience, I have lived, and here I stand waiting to fall again.

Why do we fall? Because we must teach. We must lead. We must grow. Falling is a part of life. Its kind of like the glass half empty vs half full. Falling is a positive thing.

I am that type of parent who does not run to my children’s defense when they fall. When they fall they look at me and I assure them by looking at them, that I am here. But I ask them what is taking you so long to get up? Get up. Then I look them over and tell them they will be alright. I may kiss it and hug them but never (mostly depending on severity) help them up. 

I have learned, by life’s troubles, to depend on myself. No one is going to be there for you like you will. Sure, with my consulting firm I will push you and be your cheerleader but I can never give you drive and determination or the desire to succeed. It must be in you. I am hard on my friends, family, and clients because I want them to succeed. You will never succeed if I am always catching you. There is no safety net in life just your ability to bounce back. 

Have you ever fallen?


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