How I juggle my family and businesses

Peace and love beloveds.

Things are starting to pick up quite quickly and trust me, I have no complaints. Some mornings I wake up not knowing exactly what to start on but magical me always manages to get it completed thus going to bed, however early morning it is, feeling satisfied with my accomplishments. I am hoping to be able to hire 1 person per business venture soon, that is, afterall, the goal of being an entrepreneur; graduating to a small business with  employees. I strive to start businesses because I feel everyone has an idea worth capitalizing on, whether it is full time or passive, but I am also aware that not everyone has the desire to be a small business owner and I await the opportunity to offer the flexibility that comes with working for a small business like mine, or yours.

The Heels&Hustle Meet and Greet is in a couple days and I could not be more excited. I am hoping to make awesome connections with some beautifully minded entrepreneurs. I am eager to talk marketing and promoting as well as ideas with people who desire more out of life.


I saw someone post on Facebook that they were going to sell their children in the marketplace. I  must say that I am strongly considering it, I’d probably post them on Amazon because I don’t want to negotiate. Its $1 FIRM, plus but one get 8 free. This of course is a joke and I have no desire to part from my babies!. I love them so much no matter how much they drive me looney. By the end of any given day we are usually a bunch of over exerted coo coos with the giggles. #RushBunch

You know, I really cannot tell you HOW, exactly, I juggle my family and the iRush Brand because a schedule is NOT it. I have no idea what orders are coming in until they come in. I can plan to work on something but more than likely it will get bumped by something or someone else. The truth is, I’d probably get bored if I maintained a set schedule for work. The children are basically on a set schedule although they veer from time to time. But I have always been something like a nomad, my father calls me a gypsy. I am not the typical person who needs the stable life to feel accomplished, let me be free and then I will feel accomplished. Since my husband is almost the complete opposite and felt it is his duty, rightfully so, to offer this very thing I hate for me and the children, we bought a home. Bah Humbug! I pouted the entire time. I must say that it does feel good not to be renting buuuut, I’m still resistant.

Now, back to the subject matter, How I juggle the RushBunch and my businesses; Consistency. No matter how much I have to do, I found that I may not get everything done but I never stop chipping away, even on the weekends when I proclaim to be off. It is actually when I get the most brainstorming and work done. I still answer emails and messages. I still do things that do not require direct contact with people unless its setting up conferences or meetings for the upcoming week. In addition, though I do not get much sleep, I do get plenty of time with my babies. There is a bowling alley that has absolutely no service, I found it frustrating initially but I heard the signs loud and clear, it is for family time and so this is the perfect place to go because it forces me NOT to work.

Well enough of my ramblings for the night.

Be easy Kings and Queens.


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