What a frustrating productive day.

Its just been one of those days where I was either fussing or in my zone, there was no in between.

It seems as if the RushBunch know just when I am on a time crunch and seriously trying to meet deadlines. Unfortunately for them, their deterrent serum did not work on me today. I was able to fuss and do a complete 180 and get many things accomplished.

Its Friday so that meant McRush was home but no where to be found. Well, I knew where he was but he was in do not disturb mode aka sleeping. I hate Fridays with a passion. McRush works weekends, ALL  weekend so he sleeps in the day and heads to work Friday evening. I have to give it to him, he hangs with me as long as he can before nodding off or I have to send him to bed before he suffers fatigue, but when he goes to sleep, These littles know just what to do to drive me crazy. I oftentimes feel like a single parent on the weekend but I get through it.

Regardless of their many interruptions, I was able to complete my Speaker Sheet (which is long overdue), create a new terms of agreement contract and confidentiality agreement for my clients, completed client’s certification, two invoices, a website, and two consults. That is in addition to cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner and taking an hour to teach the ingrates…. I mean RushBunch.

I will never be one to tell you that being anything is easy especially a mom, wife, and entrepreneur but at the end of the day it will always be worth it.

We have to remember that in our fight to be great mothers and great wives we must also take the initiative to be a great US. For me that is spending time to focus on my business because I love to help people, it makes me feel good to know I helped someone reached a goal. Whatever makes you feel good, do that and do it often. And if anyone questions you about it, tell them to come and talk to me so I can tell them to be a great support so you can do what you want!


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