Plan B

It seems as though I catch a lot of negative feedback because of a statement I am known for making. Now there is a big part of me, and I do mean big, that wants to say Bite me, but being a Positive Public Figure and all, I will behave and give you the reasoning behind the statement I always give my clients, my children, and myself. Let me first say that I have never had a client complain nor misunderstand my meaning or purpose for making this statement, but I digress, sometimes you have to explain yourself.

The statement is; Your plan B is a cop-out.

People always want to give me their reasoning for why this is a negative sentiment, and that’s fine, but just like I am not going to change your mind, you are not going to change mine.

When I was younger, I wanted to become a lawyer. I even went on to law school. But somewhere along the way, I changed my mind and no longer wanted to fulfill this ‘Plan A’. I literally copped-out. It was frustrating and tiring and I just no longer felt the desire to be a lawyer and raise a family.  I own up to that.

Most people will say always have a ‘Plan B’. Let me tell you what having a ‘Plan B’ does for you mentally. It ensures that you never hold yourself accountable for your short comings, your laziness, or your procrastination. In addition it always leaves a window to quit. Basically, you will never give it your all because you know you will always have something to ‘fall back on’.

It is equivalent to having a regular job and being afraid to take the leap that you always wanted to in becoming an entrepreneur. You find security in that job so it makes you more dependent upon it. You are finding security in your plan B. You are willing to give your all to someone else because you know its there.

I say all the time that we are conditioned to think we fear failure, what you really fear is success. That is why you do not leap, success in your particular sector is an unknown to you, you fear the unknown.

At my company, Rush Consulting Firm, I urge my clients to envision their success. Daydream about it, plan it out, hype yourself up daily. It makes it so much easier to go for it when you see it in your mind so long that you start believing it.

Start believing that you are worth more than your job because you are.

A few years ago I just took the leap and quit my job, without any direction or clue, it shocked the crap out of McRush because it was well out of my element especially being the only income at the time. I had no idea what I was going to do or how I was going to do it. All I knew is I was tired of hating my job and missing my babies, yes the same RushBunch that drives me crazy at least once a day. But I did it and while I fully understand that everyone is not in a position to do what I did, we are all in a position to daydream.

So dream away on your ‘Plan A’ <—– that rhymes, because you are worth the greatness within you and so much more. If you cannot seem to find your way, talk to me, we’ll figure it out together because I love you. I love you because you are a reflection of me. Lets do this!


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