Why hello there!

I know. I keep popping up and disappearing but in my defense, I have been feeling very lazy. Yup, that’s all I have. The truth. No real reason not to blog except laziness.

To be honest, nothing much is going on. I am still homeschooling my nine. I am still running my companies from home, although I have been contemplating opening a little shop in town for Slips Socks and Bows. But Moncks Corner is so dead right now, I wonder if it would be worth it, besides, these people out here think they can charge you New York rent for these beat down properties….uh, no!

I have contemplated, however, pushing an initiative to get more of these properties rented or sold to minorities and their small businesses as it seems the minority here is the majority (as anywhere else in America) but that a story for another day.

I am also considering doing a seminar to teach people to start their own businesses for less than a months worth of groceries. I do it for people all the time with Rush Consulting Firm. The thing is, you end up paying me much more because you are paying me for my time. And if you don’t know, time is the most precious thing that you can offer anyone, it is one of the only things you can never get back. I want everyone to follow their dreams and reach their goals, but I can’t make you want it bad enough.

Anyhow, enough lecturing.

I have been transitioning to becoming an alkaline vegan since around mid December. This month, I decided to jump all in and I am dragging my family along with me. Being an alkaline vegan is different from being a vegan which is different from being a vegetarian. We follow the late Dr. Sebi and his common core fundamentals on balancing (more increasing) you pH for self healing and cleansing. I feel great. There are a lot of positives to this lifestyle but the only drawback is COOKING. I cook for every single edible moment of the day, as a mother should but uhmmm, I didn’t factor this in with a family my size. I feel like I live in the kitchen! I homeschool in the kitchen. I read in the kitchen. I research in the kitchen. Pretty soon, I’ll be making love in the kitchen. SHEESH. TMI, I know, but that’s me.

Speaking of making love in the kitchen ( I see that creeps you out). I made the decision to remove my IUD, so I am sure it will only be a matter of time before I am gracing the earth with another Rush. In  my defense birth control never worked for me anyhow, I had the IUD with #9, so I suppose you can just say we have been lucky so far. However, I am using an app to keep track of my Ovulation days because I have got to get my body into some type of shape, even if its a square. I cannot be out of breath running up and down theses stairs all day long. I had better breathing when I was a smoker. So it stands to reason that having children is worse on your health than smoking.




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