What if your wife told you she was leaving you in a letter
Would you remember back all of the times you could have done better?
What if she said it was because of the children
Would you question whether she was still the woman you believed in?
What if she told you that she felt like a single parent, because even though you were actually there, your presence was never apparent.
Would you ask your God why he had not made her barren?
What if she told you that she has found an intellectual breakthrough
and that she wanted to introduce you
But you rejected it like VooDoo.
Would you consider for a moment what you would do if she were no longer with you?
What if she was tired enough to contemplate suicide?
Would you tell her to suppress it on the account of your pride.
What if she said she needed to get away
Would you get angry at her and make her feel so bad that she’d stay?
What if she just wanted to grab our attention
Would you give her a glance, a smile, a mention?
What if she needed you to shield her from herself
Would you make her feel as if she were your world, above all else?
What if her smile hid tears and her laughter hid fears
Would you notice, did you care.
There is alot going on in the mind of a woman
and yet we stand firm to protect our man.
I understand that it is hard for you but what about me? Would you do what I do?
See, my attitude is embedded from birth, I inherited from my mother; the earth.
Though I rise from the dust, you kick me like dirt but i continue on in stride, as if it doesn’t hurt.
I put in my work, with overtime.
Thats why whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine.
I have earned my place. And I will no be disgraced.
I offer you more than a pretty face.
I offered you me.
From the knowledge in my mind to the plumpness of my behind.
From the melanin in my skin to the God that lives within.
I offered you me.


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