Go you! Go you! Go you!

You can’t help but be happy if you were made to be happy.

What is holding you back from being happy? We need to reevaluate the people and the things that bring us down. No matter how much we love or respect someone, nothing is worth you walking around filled with misery.

Perhaps you feel like you cannot be yourself around certain people, whether friends or family. We need to learn to lose the negativity in our lives. Even if you take baby steps, do something daily that makes you happy. Slowly remove yourself from the lives of people who infect you. We all must know we were made to be happy not miserable.

Find small things that will make you smile daily. Find an investment where you can watch your money grow even if it’s just cents per week.

We need to not allow the happenings of life get us so down, not everything is unavoidable, but it is overcomable. ß that is a made up word but you get my point, right.

If you are anything like me you are just tired of being bogged down with worries and cares of life and how people see you, you are tired of beating yourself up about how you are not where you want to be in life. There is still time for you to achieve your goals, even if you have to tweak it a little bit. You have to know that you are worth it. You are worth more than that! Who told you that you could not? Someone sewed a seed of doubt in your mind and now you carry around a tree. A tree of worthlessness. A tree of fear.  A tree of shame. Give yourself the right to chop it down. No one is going to stand for you the way you will. No one knows you better than you know yourself. No one knows your capabilities. Dig deep and regain your YOU.

Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay determined.


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