Do it for you.

Good afternoon gems and jewels.

I have a question for you.

Why do we feel the need to validate or prove ourselves? I used to find myself doing it sometimes. We have come a long way from being sure we are presentable to ‘I hope they like how I look/act/dress’. We get lost in the emotions of how someone else will feel about us in some aspect that we oftentimes lose our selves. Does that make sense?

Take social media for instance.

We post something on insta-gram or face book and we check to see who liked it, heaven forbid someone puts a comment or we get an alert about it, we turn into children that just want to be accepted.

Sure you bought that dress or suit because you thought it was nice but when you put it on to go somewhere it has to be perfect from every angle down to the last detail. Why?

Some of you may say well I just like to look nice, and there is nothing wrong with that but I assure you that if some of us look deeper we will see that we have the automatic thought process to wonder as we walk past someone who looks at us to think “what were they thinking about me”.

I used to find myself sometimes walking into a room and if two people are talking and happen to look at me (could be because I just walked in the room), I instantly start to wonder if they are talking about me. In a sense it is vain to think that every conversation that doesn’t include you is ABOUT you. But on the other hand it is a set in sense of insecurity.

I think that on some level we all need to sit down with a shrink and find our core of happiness so that we can carry it around with us, that way if we are feeling down, broken hearted, lonely, inept, broken, or torn, we can remember that core and remember that nothing else matters. Why live your life to someone else’s standard, hopes, and dreams? Why are you on the back burner of your life? What about your standards, your hopes, your dreams? Doesn’t that matter to you anymore?

Every day you go to work and force yourself to smile, to be happy, to even say good morning. But why? Why should you? Why WOULD you.


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