Forgive vs Forget

Forgiveness of yourself is pivotal in the positive progression of life.

Remember that time you did that very shameful thing? That one thing that you try your best not to think about because it makes you sick to your stomach. Could you believe you did such a thing. You would never tell anyone about that would you?

The feeling that memory gives you shows you that you have not forgiven yourself and you need to.

One way to have peace within is to forgive yourself entirely. Now I’m not talking about the fact that you slept with your best friends spouse but you are still smiling in their face. No, that is not a past mistake that is deception. You have to also ask for forgiveness and even if they do not forgive you that is the first step you need to make. Inner healing is the key to prosperity. By continuing to hold on to the guilt of the past you disallow yourself to move forward because in your subconscious you do not feel like you are worth the blessings that are in store for you.

Don’t allow the shame and guilt you feel to hold you back. You woke another day to continue in the path of fulfilling your destiny. Someone/something thinks that you are worth it. If you were not meant to continue on you wouldn’t have arose this morning with the eagerness and willingness to carry on.

Take a moment at sometime today and think about what you did that makes you feel so shameful. That’s right think about it hard. Revel in it until it makes you cry. Absorb it in your mind. Make it the last time you do it. Now write down all the reasons you should forgive yourself. Carry that list around with you if need be. YOU ARE WORTH FORGIVENESS. Know that. Say that. Over and over and over again.

We must realize that we all make stupid, childish, ignorant, unmentionable, shameful mistakes.  And that’s okay, we all do. We learn and we grow from it… we GROW from it.

Do not allow yourself to be held captive by the thought in your mind. Learn self control and when the memories return that you’d rather forget, counteract them with positive thoughts, more directly, say to yourself ‘ I am worthy of my own forgiveness.’ Because you are.

When you overcome this small hurdle, help someone else. It will reaffirm your positivity.

Hold your head up, stick your chest out, but remain humble.


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