Empower YOU!

What are you reading?
I have been reading and listening to audio books lately and I don’t know why I ever stopped. There is a sense of enjoyment knowing that you are empowering your mind and expanding your mental horizons.
I’m not talking about romance or Steven king novels, I’m talking about books that will will make you reevaluate you life and structure your finances or change your way of thinking. Right now I am listening to rich dad poor dad and reading the Secret.
You don’t realize how your mind has been programmed from childhood. We speak negativity in our lives with out being aware
Something as simple as “I’m going to find a better job that will pay me more money” it sounds positive but its really not. What ever happened to your goals and aspirations as a child or even a young adult?  When did we decide that we were not worth the work that we give to other people and their companies? When did we decide that living by the rules and regulations of someone else’s idea of life was what we wanted to do? As young ones our biggest desire is to get from under the rule and thumb of our parents. But in actuality when you think about it working for someone else is worse. As an adult when have you ever had to make mention to your parents that you have to go to the bathroom? Well welcome to the work force. Or better known as the rat race. You chase the money and continue to find yourself living from check to check. Why? Why have you given  up on you? Why did you decide that you were not the time, the trouble, the investment, the reward?
The most gratifying feeling you will ever have is following your dreams. Yes sometimes you will get tired and sometimes you will feel discouraged but you WILL keep going. You will keep going because you want to, not because you have to. You will keep going because although there will be endless days and sleepless night you will love what you do.
There will be a sense of peace in your life that I assure you will elongate your life because you will be happy.
Is having a job a bad thing?  Of course not.
Is working for yourself better? Absolutely
All I am inspiring you to do is follow your heart.
No one else is going to build your dreams for you.
Last night my son asked me if I’d ever gambled, I instantly went to answer no but a thought popped in my head…
“Yes” I started. “I gamble everyday I go to work. I put in 8 hours of my most valuable asset; Time, and hope that the company will pay me for it come pay day”. Now to some of you that may seem extreme but you don’t really know what goes on with the inner workings of your job.  Your position may be here today gone tomorrow.  Then what? You find a job you hope has more security? Put some faith in yourself and make your dreams reality.


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