Being frugal isn’t best

Happy good Saturday loves!!!

I hope everyone had a peaceful thought provoking week. Did you decide what you want to do with your life? Did you analyze and strategize your plans for being happy. I surely hope you have decided to do away with the negative thoughts and people in your life.

Recently my husband and I went on a date. A long over due date. We went to dinner. We laughed and enjoyed one another without phone call or interruption. The children were with a well trusted friend and there was quiet and peace of mind to discuss the plans of our immediate future. We have decided to stop caring about what we spend and fretting over every dollar. We are pretty frugal to say the least and we calculate all that we spend. 90% of it being living accommodations the rest necessities. I spent $55 to get my hair done. $55 (gasping), my husband spent $15 which should have been $20 but he didn’t tip the barber (tisk tisk). Then we spent $65 for dinner. Inside I was having a panic attack because we just don’t do that. But Thomas said “why not?” why not spend money on ourselves. And I thought about it, could that be why most mothers and fathers are miserable? We as parents put so much emphasis on our family both financial and physical that we literally forget about ourselves. We in turn fight with our partners over frivolous things not realizing that its something as simple as taking a little time out for ourselves, to take a brief moment of silence to enjoy our life that we have built.

I recently decided that I am going to steal a moment each day just for me. To do absolutely nothing. Yesterday I sat in a semi lit room sipping a cup of coffee. It was quiet. It was nice. Just me and my thought to sit and be.

We have to learn not to stress about things. We have to trust that what we set out to do will get done.

Life is not short. It is as long as you desire it to be. Stress makes life short. Worries make life short. Constantly thinking about your should haves, could haves, and would haves makes life short. Your happiness and desire to inspire yourself and others is what gives you longevity.

Don’t think back on all the things that you may have done differently had you known then what you know now, it doesn’t matter. Thinking on the past will only make you regret your present and hate your future.

Set your goals and live out your aspirations. Why not? What exactly do you have to lose? Put yourself out there for yourself, you’d do it for your love ones. Are you not worth it?

My advice to you today is find time for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.


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