Retrain your thinking

Hello loves.

You woke up this morning, what a beautiful way to start your day. This morning I woke up with you guys on my mind. I wonder how many of you read this blog and keep proceeding with your day as usual and how many of you actually allow it to marinate to your very soul.

What I say is not meant to be some deep epiphany but rather thought provoking. Are you happy? That is a question I often ask myself when I start out on a new venture in life. We must be happy in what we are doing or else, well, we’ll be unhappy.

Why do we stay where we know we are not happy? Do we not think we are worth the time that we have invested into someone else’s dream? I KNOW you have a dream or a goal. You are worth every drop of energy that you place elsewhere.

Distress will attempt to overcome you but maintain your confidence. You can do it. If you think you can’t ask me and I will tell you again; you CAN.

Finish these sentences.

Always play it ___________.

Money doesn’t grow__________.

Good thing come to those who________.

Money doesn’t buy_________.

See how you have been mentally programmed? We are bred to believe that if we wait, good things will come, and in some aspects, that may prove to be true, however that does not mean that you have to walk the same humdrum of life as the next man. It is important that we follow our heart, the first time. We second guess when obstacles stand in our way and that is when we veer off the road we were traveling and we find ourselves lost. Lost in the world of complacency and forgotten hope. Dusty dreams and subdued destinies. You have held your ideas captive in your mind and they just want to be free. Free to share with the world your creativity and your beauty. What are you waiting for?

Are you living with a purpose?



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