May you be obedient in direction.
So often we find ourselves at an imaginary fork in the road, one that we have placed there out of fear and mistrust even unbeknownst to ourselves.
We spend all of our lives hoping, wishing, and praying to make it to some [unreachable] point in our lives but really sabotaging our own true happiness.
Have you ever heard the statement that to whom much is given much is required? Sure you have. Do you know what that means? Good, now do you know what that means to you?
Most times we have a tendency to place glass ceilings over our heads and after awhile feeling like we cannot break through it. Why is that? Usually it is becaise we have found complacency in the safety net of ‘right now’.
Everyone that I coach and even those that I speak to or even consult with will always say they are not where they want to be but when asked to elaborate why they feel that way the response is usually ‘I don’t know’.
Why don’t you know? Because you have never given it any true thought.  Just a ponder here and a tinge of envy there, now you feel like you deserve more but more what? More of what someone else has? What is it that you really want out of life?
I challenge you to sit in a quiet moment and ask yourself, what would make me happy? Nothing materialistic because that is not true happiness that is a perk of happiness. What makes you happy is that thing that makes your heart skip a beat and your lips turn upward inadvertently in a smile. That is happiness. Happiness is when you lay your head on the pillow and doze off as soon as you close your eyes because there are no serious thoughts to ponder.
Find rest in trusting yourself. Just take a moment to find out what you really want in life and set it in motion to make it happen.


2 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Hey,
    Much is given much is required statement always leaves me for a loop. I see it as if you want alot of responsibility you have to be prepared for it and show thyself approved. I look at people in business such as a consultant like you or the head of a business managing 200 or more employees and a family while having balance in their personal life. I wonder wow! How much have the put in to get to the status they reside it?
    I dont know how to identify my true wanta yet but I do keep hearing people and heart think about the children. Im just not certain how to shape that. How to structure it market it, it feels like soooo much and I dont think it should. It causes me to get stuck sometimes. Again reading your articles are great for my nighty wind down.
    Talk to you soon.


    1. You can always call me. ❤️ Let me know if you want my number. It can be a lot to find your path to being inclusive and your whole true self but once it clicks, baybeeee. You’ll be unstoppable. I assure you of that.


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