Right versus wrong

It saddens me to a deep extent that my husband and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum on many life issues. Almost every event in life we have different views on. We have different interests and different peeves. We come from different lifestyles and different backgrounds. We do have some things in common but its not nearly as much as our differences. I am pretty much an open book but him, he is like a locked roster. I have to bite my tongue a lot of times on the account of how my husband may feel about a certain issue and letting people know too much detail in our lives. He was raised in the country, I in the city. I found my independence at 16, he at 27. I had my fun in the world sowing my wild oats, he was a good guy always home at a decent hour. I smoked drank cussed tried drugs and he did none of that. I am a news junkie always knowing whats going on around the world, I love to read self help and development books. He’d rather watch comedies and tinker with the latest gadgets. I want to change the world by the masses and he’d rather do it one person or step at a time. I always jump right into everything while he would rather test the water with his thermometer. Its funny how different we are sometimes though. I just smile at how calm he is as the world around him is at war he is just as happy as God made him to be. Me, I’m affected as soon as I hear “BREAKING NEWS” on the television. Thank God our children, for the most part, inherited his calm and assessing demeanor. He keeps me grounded. I don’t know if I would be sane if it not for him. I tend to go into information overload where I cannot even function until I have processed every thought I have taken in and in America today, thats alot.
Still, I wish sometimes that we could see eye to eye more. Its hard to plan when you aren’t in agreement. Most times he just goes along with what I want to do or what I feel is best because he just wants me to be happy, but to me, I feel like, now he’s not happy.
Its crazy because we both try to please one another which ultimately means someone has to compromise and with both of us willing to do it we oftentimes find ourselves back where we started.
At the end of the day we find comfort in our common ground we did manage to make and that’s all that matters.


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