Check out the chunky girl.

As I stood in the mirror sadly wiggling my arms, like most women do I had an epiphany. I noticed my arms were bigger than I would like them to be so I began to mentally assess the rest of my body. I imagined my mommy pooch that I am completely embarrassed by despite the fact that I have birth more children than are common for this generation. I do not like that my thighs are not as toned as they used to be (I am certainly grateful that they do not rub).

I oftentimes spend more time than naturally necessary to get dressed in the morning, or afternoon depending on my mood, due to my dislike of what I see in the mirror. I have some of the most appropriately adorable clothes hanging in my closet. Some of them never worn with tags still on them. Everyday I go to the closet and pick out what I want to wear all the way down to the coordinated jewelry. I jump in the shower feeling confident in my upcoming cuteness only to get dressed and hate what it looks like on me. It kind of like that feeling you have when you go to the store and see an outfit all decked out on the mannequin only to try it on and feel like a modern day umpa lumpa.

Why? Why must I feel shamed so deeply to the point of considering… well I haven’t quite gotten to that point but I do desire change.

Then I thought, why do I complain about every aspect of myself instead of loving my what I have been given. I mean, what is complaining going to do? What is hating myself going to do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So I am left to ponder, when am I going to do something? I mean, I can do one of two things. I can learn to love me and my sexy chunkiness and keep it moving (also shop for better fitting clothes), or I can get my eating habits in line with healthiness and go to the gym. Those are my options. Complaining is not an option. I hope as you read this and think on your own insecurities you begin to feel the same way. Confidence in life is very important because without it we will fail in life miserably because the affects of our own body discomforts will begin seap into every function in life, so much so to where it will bury the true emotions of what really is bothering us. That is where depression comes in and frustration and hatred and anger. None of these are meaningful in life for the purpose of happiness and prosperity. So I urge you today to love who you are even before you decide to make life changes, I know I will. Will you join me?



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