Its over now.

So I decided to take a week off from the consulting firm. That went well *shaking my head no*. I forgot how this is supposed to work but I believe when you say you are taking the week off you aren’t supposed to do any work. So by definition, what I really did was go from full time to part time. It was agonizing, you really can’t turn your thoughts off you know. So I carried around a notebook so I could jot down notes and reminders. I even created a to do list that was supposed to be for Tuesday when I went “back to work” but this list became an extensive list of things that will surely take me weeks to do. So now instead of calling it my Tuesday to-do list it is now my July running list.

I did get to spend a bunch of quality time with my babies, I guess that was nice. We would lounge around doing nothing but chat, color, sing, watch videos, jam out to old school music or play board games. This type of stuff is detrimental to your children’s memories. I mean, I have to make amends for the days I am viciously trying to meet a deadline and become some crazy devil woman. I have to somehow force out my crazy mommy memories with more fun loving ones. My children are going to need therapy for sure. I am a workaholic and I am not trying to change that. I have goals.

On a much sweeter note, yes, I have sweet notes.. This weekend I was honored to meet a young lady who follows me on Facebook, she traveled all the way across the country to see me! Okay, I mean she drove from North Carolina! Okay, maybe not JUST to see me but she did squeeze me in. Gosh, you guys sure know how to crush a girls ego, sheesh! Anyhow, She was a lovely lady and her son, Tre was amazing as well, I think I want to be like him when I grow up….wait…scratch that. He was amazing though. I am sure I was boring as I was stopped by some fanatic wanting to know how I managed to keep control of my well behaved children AND have a business and a husband. She didn’t believe me when I said we didn’t have a nanny or caregiver to help us out. I want one but I don’t have one…yet. She was thoroughly intrigued in the upbringing of these well mannered children. The questions lasted forever. For now on, I am just going to tell people I AM the nanny and I am only hanging around because the mother ran off and I felt so sorry for the children. Maybe they’ll start giving me money, you know, pay me for my time that they keep asking questions. People are so invasive, ugh!

This fourth of July was spent with my love bugs. Thomas grilled and the children played in the pool and back yard. I, of course, was cooking. I saw a post long ago that was so relevant to my situation today. Men get all the credit for grilling but really, the women do all the work. We clean, season, and prep the meat for the grill assuring that they have every utensil known to man for grilling. We cook all the sides and we serve the plates. I don’t clean the kitchen though, that’s what slaves, er, I mean children are for. bwahahahahaha. I am sure my son does not think that’s funny, but I do! hahahahahahahahahahaha.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. I am off to get a cup of coffee and go to bed.. Don’t judge me. 🙂


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