Everywhere we go we are stared at and whispers fill the room. Sometimes people point, oftentimes people even turn their nose up in disgust but more often then not we are asked questions like, ‘How do you do it’ or ‘Are you finished’. I smile and answer the plethora of questions that usually follow and before we know it 10 minutes have passed. Sometimes it feels like we are a circus act or something, just more normal looking.

Yes, we have nine children that we bring with us just about everywhere. Not only is it hard to get a sitter that will not charge us, understandably, out the yin yang, but we do not trust many people with our babies, not with the horror stories swirling about and all these young ones losing their lives senselessly. Shoot, if you will hurt yours I know you’ll hurt mine…I’ll pass. Its not as hard as some may think. I tell people all the time that its not like God just one day said, here, take these nine children and raise them. They came one by one at their own time in their own way. I love them all equally and specially for their different personalities. That is not to say that I do not need a moment for myself sometimes and if we get lucky someone will come along and ask if they can sit for us (this number is small because well, so is my trust). In the many years my husband and I have managed to steal away on six dates. We are so dull when we go out, we never want to wander too far in case of emergency. We usually stay within twenty minutes drive time. We do not mind at all though. We could sit in the car in the driveway for all we care. No, we are not paranoid, we just like to cherish every moment we can. The same year Madison passed away, Thomas’s mom passed so we know what its like to lose a parent and a child so we learned to value every moment. Most people do not understand but really, its not for them to i suppose. Thomas and I do take “breaks” from one another briefly though. I may go get my nails done or he may take a drive. We always remember to thank God for the moments we have as well as the love.

I came on here to blog about my confusion as to why my children are so spoiled. I do not mean collectively as a whole but individually. Each one of my children behaves as if they are the only child. Its ridiculous. They literally will fight over who sits the closest to me or their father. You would think that being raised with one another they would have figured out by now that its not just them but eight other children but no, they haven’t. I try to tell myself that they will break out of it eventually but honestly I am beginning to lose faith in that theory seeing that my oldest will soon be sixteen and he acts the same exact way.

One thing I love about blogging is the clarity I gain in chatting. I can see why my children are spoiled. They are loved and adored. They get everything they need and mostly what they want…except Reggie who wants a dang hover board and his life insurance doesn’t cover foolishness. I may break down though.

I want to say I love you to my husband who is at work right now but as soon as he gets an alert that I have put up a blog he will read it on his break. I love you Thomas Rush because I get on your nerves and you love me anyway! ❤

Oh and to answer the question everyone asks, we do not know if we are finished. Only God knows.


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