My doctor said you have been playing me.

How can it be? It’s impossible. There is no way you would do that to me, are you even capable of getting over on me? It sounds so conniving and I would never think anything like that of you. But alas, I must put you to the test to see. Maybe not tonight. Maybe not tomorrow night, but soon. Right? I am so confused.

Turns out my baby has been playing me like a fiddle. I have been wondering why I am up every three hours, still. I mean he is 6 months old now and yet I find myself not getting adequate sleep. And naps? Hmph, forget about it. That’s when my time is required with my other babies.
When he sees me walk pass him, providing he allowed me to leave his presence in the first place, he cries like something is wrong, his cries tugging on my heart and as always I come running. I check him out and soothe him and I am good…until I walk by again. So that part I was not surprised but we are all told “babies cannot be spoiled”. Shoot these doctor’s haven’t met my chunky boy. I love him so much I cannot stand to see him unhappy. But this, this is low for even you mister. I get up to whimpers and cries all throughout the night to feed and cuddle then rock him back to sleep. He is a handsome healthy baby boy, bottle fed but surely at six months you are still not on a strict three hour schedule.
I was told today “he is playing you like a fiddle, he knows you will come running every time he cries through the night.” “You are going to have to break him.” I gasped at the thought… he can’t even crawl yet, which is probably my fault because I don’t like him to be on the floor too long, it looks uncomfortable.  Doctor says I should do some three night thing with him. First night, put him to bed and when he cries let him cry but every half hour I can go in the room and rub his back but NOT pick him for 30 seconds and then leave. Next night, I can go in every hour. The last night don’t go in at all and let him cry himself to sleep. WHAT!!!!!!?????? Surely this doctor must not have children. What am I raising? A soldier? Who in their right mind would allow their child to go through such agony and loneliness and fear and pain. What if he gets the stifles? Those things are annoying. Am I a bad parent for nurturing my child or am I am bad parent for strengthening my child. I don’t know about this one… what do you think?


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