Well that happened.

Working hard rarely seems to ever be immediate gratification or congratulations. Sometimes we keep digging and digging and we never reach our pot of gold, so we quit never quite knowing what our rewards was and sometimes worse off, we were a lot closer than we thought we were. Its like doing push ups, well for me anyway. I say I’m going to do 30 and when I start off I am full of energy, eager to reach my goal. It seems the closer I get to that 30 mark the harder o have to push and the more I want to quit. At 21 my arms start to feel the burn. By 23 I have to squeeze my eyes close to concentrate. At 25 my arms feel like they are going to give out. By 28 I am literally telling myself ‘that’s good enough. I hit 29 and a smile appears on my face because I know by now I can surely make it. If I quit now I will be thinking about that last push up I did not do. I would have cheated myself by one measly push up. And if I were to get back down to do just one push up there would be absolutely no gratification in it. I will still feel cheated. More than likely I will beat myself up a little thinking ‘Really! You couldn’t do just ONE more?!’ Nobody wants to feel like that yet we do it to ourselves so often. We set a goal and when it doesnt come quick enough we get exhausted. We feel it must not have been that great of an idea to begin with and we abandon it. We must believe better of ourselves. Better IN ourselves. Trust you WILL get there. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow but you will, eventually. I know, eventually seems like such a long way away but eventually can be in the next five minutes. You will not know if you quit, will you. If I just keep doing those push ups I will eventually get to 30. The only differnce is I have learned that 30 comes after 29 so I KNOW its close. When setting goals and seeking to fulfill your dreams we must remember that eventually will come. It must become such a known factor that its as easy as thinking 30 comes after 29. Because you would not have known that had you not learned that. Trust yourself. The idea you had was yours but if you do not stick to it with determination, drive, amd trust (in your idea and in yourself) someone will stumble across it and fulfil what you were umwilling to. Remember, everything in steps. 2 comes after 1 and 3 after 2. You cannot skip and jump to thirty no matter how much you think you want to. Because even worse than falling short of your accomplishments is falling short of and failing yourself. Imagine me setting that goal of 30 push ups and counting by 3’s. Sure, I’ll get there faster. But will it be gratifying? Worse yet its not true thus my goals will not truly be met and therefore it is a failure.  Before you know it you will have reached your goal. It will seem as if were suddenly overnight but what really happened is eventually finally came. Each step brings you closer and though some of those steps may seem agonizing, just know its bringing eventually closer to you. So keep pushing. Trust the process and know that eventually may take awhile to get here but it will get here. Stay positive!

Yes I can only do 30 traditional push ups. Don’t judge me.


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