Want to know a little more?

I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.  We have 10 children; 7 birthed, 2 blessed,  and 1 in spirit. Everyday I used to get up feeling less and less like being any of the things I aforementioned.  I had to learn to let go of my past and a whole lot of people in it. After a lot of back and forth conversations with myself I finally accepted that I am NOT my past. I found out that taking time for myself, if even five minutes, is detrimental to my happiness and ultimately my health. I am now a blogger, something I never thought I would be given my love/hate relationship with English,  and I smile, often. I have lost a parent and a child (two if you count my miscarriage). I have been married and divorced. I have been homeless and reckless. Yet here I am leaving a legacy,  a carbon footprint if you may. There is Hope. And there is Faith, as long as you realize those are verbs and must be applied.
That was the hardest lesson for me. Your faith and your hope must be treated as verbs and applied to your life EVERYDAY.
When you find yourself going through the same trials over and over, you have to stop and ask yourself,  what am I doing wrong. It’s human nature to want to blame other people for the troubles you go through. Most of us choose to go as far as to blame God. You have to take accountability for your own downfalls and pitfalls but the best part is you also can take credit for your victories!
As I blog on you will get to see just how well we can relate in life,  whether black or white, rich or poor. Sometimes we want a hand out but what we really need a hand up. I hope I can be that hand.


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