Self help vs helping yourself

I have never been one for self help books, I was never a reader at all besides poetry and an occassional short story here and there. I never could commit to coming back where I left off. As far as self help books I just felt like it was some goody two shoe telling me how fabulous their life was and how horrible my life is (I know, I’m petty). As time goes on I realize I am not doing myself any justice by turning my nose up to help; after all I wasnt doing such a great job at helping myself.
Fast forward to today where I have an over abundance of help-mysef-be-the-best-me-I-could-be books also known as self help. Let me just tell you that there is a plethora of information out there that is begging to be read. I mean, people are not just making it but they are wanting so desperately to show you how you can too!
I have been through so much in life shoot maybe I should write my own self help book. I’ll call it, the Life and Chronicles of Maia. Ha! Seriously. I have some books that have changed not only my perspective in life but my life as a whole. I still have goals I need to reach and I am always pushing towards the next mark but honey, let me tell you you, I have been through several levels of hell and returned. But all in all, my life is good, I still have room for improvement but who doesn’t. I blog to encourage you by allowing you into my life of chaos and madness, dysfunction and lunacy so that you know you are not alone and those times you thought you were crazy, you probably were but look at you now. Dragged through the flood and into the mud. Rolled in feathers and made a mockery of. But look at you still smiling and if you’re not smiling keep reading some of my blogs, you’ll get there. My point is we all want something more but trust yourself, trust the process and I assure you tbat you will get there. Shoot we might get there at the same time. I need a partner in laughs anyhow why not you? Let’s Go!


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