My tea.

While other women stand in their closet wondering what they are going to wear, I stand in front of a whistling tea pot dazed wondering which hat I am going to put on first. It is not uncommon for me to throw on some sweats with a t shirt and that be considered my outfit for the day. Try as I may to make it look presentable with a pair of earrings and lip gloss I really dont care. Analyzing and perfectly outlining my day as I pour a cup of peppermint tea in my oversized mug, by the time I pour in the honey my tea is cold and I have re evaluated my previous process of the day because I was interrupted and pulled away at least three times.
Throwing my teacup in the microwave for two minutes to reheat I start to clean the kitchen counter. Why my son’s tie is hanging from the cabinet, I do not know. As I walk to the boys room to put it away I step on a lego. The pain is so excruciating I instantly want to run away to the Bahamas. As I enter the boys room the smell of teenage life hits me like a smelly sock. I toss the tie on the bed and leave, quickly. My daughter calls me to grab her some tissue out of the linen closet. As I do, I notice it needs to be rearranged. I hand her the tissue and began to meticulously organize the closet. Once I am done I realize I have not cooked breakfast for the littles (thats what we call our babies who are not in school yet). I scramble some eggs and throw a few waffles in the oven and sit them down to eat. I go in and check on the baby who needs a diaper change and bottle. Afterwards I go to throw the diaper in the trash and notice the laundry is piled so I throw a load on. I glance over to see the littles throwing food at one another. I break up the fight and give them baths then take them out and let them watch a movie so I can clean up their mess in the dining room. My phone is ringing again for the third time this morning, I decide to see who it is, Its my mother calling to tell me that one of my old pastors in Atlanta have pasted away. We talk for about 30 minutes as I make my bed and straighten my room. When I get off the phone I notice silence has taken over my home and that is never a good sign when children are present. Thankfully this time it just meant that the babies fell asleep while watching the movie.  I do a happy dance in my head for an early naptime. Once I lay them in their bed the buzzer from the wash lets me know it’s time for the clothes to go in the dryer. I have to take a quick potty break and just as I sit down someone rings the doorbell. Half frantically I try to hurry, I don’t know who could be at my door. By the time I get to the door there is no one there. I walk outside to see if I can see any evidence that I am not crazy and really did hear someone ring the doorbell.  Instead I see the trash blown from where the lazy trashman allowed trash to fall out of the tashcan as he dumped it and blown all over the yard. I come in the house to get a trashbag and head back out to clean the yard. I step back to admire the grass gowing back nicely now that trash is not covering it. When I come in I decide to sit on the side of my bed after washing my hands. I doze off but am awakened when my children come in from school. “Its four o’clock already!” I think. I haven’t even prepped dinner. I go into the kitchen and grab some meat from the freezer and get ready to throw it in the microwave to defrost and there it is, my tea from seven o clock this morning. Smh. Motherhood.


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