I do. I don’t.

Every girl wants to get married but none of us want to meet compromise. None of us want to be made to feel like we can no longer rest upon our own decisions. What do you do when you are in love and want to do the right thing, you get married.
Everything about marriage, a happy marriage, is compromise. I hear my husband say all the time, as well as other married men, that we, women, just don’t know how hard it is to please us. And they are absolutely correct. With our mood swings and indecisiveness coupled with our ever changing minds; lets just say I am glad I am the woman when it comes to that department. We inadvertently and unintentionally drive our husbands to an insanity plea in marriage. We want them strong to carry us but fragile to feel our pains. We want them to be friendly but not to everyone. We want them to take care of us but we want to take care of them. Buy us nice things but they cannot spend too much money and that gift better not be a cheap one! Clean up but dont move any of our things yet wonder why its still cluttered. Keep an eye on the children but not like that… oh we get it and unfortunately most of the time we cannot help ourselves.  Half the time we are just as fickled as you are, we like to contribute all of this to Eve by the way. I can assure you most of us are working on it though. I want to let you guys in on a little secret, marriage isn’t all peaches and cream for us either. The compromises we have to make suck too! At least in a traditional marriage like mine. I am a stay at home mother with nine children. What I wouldn’t do to be able to go back to work though, just so, if nothing less I can be a contributor to the household. Having some extra money in my pocket wouldnt hurt either. Time away from home would be nice too. In a time when independent living is at an all time high its pretty difficult to be a stay at home parent.
I didn’t have to answer to anyone about my where abouts or who abouts. I could stay up late or go to bed early. Clean my kitchen or not clean my kitchen. I could blow my whole check on shoes or blow it on stocks. I could wash clothes everyday or once a month. All of my decisions were mine to make. I didn’t have to see if what I chose to do was okay with another person I could just do it, or not do it. Then love came in and swooped me like a tornado and here I am. Excited to be married and amazed of what love has brought forth from my loins. I am happy to be needed and loved in a way I have always wanted to be. There is nothing that compares to being married with children.
Oftentimes I find myself looking for a stiff drink or a cigarette, though I no longer do either anymore you know, since marriage. I would love to go out and dance my cares away until the club closes but I’m married now. I would love to spend my entire royalty check (or some of us, paycheck) on a new wardrobe or that livingoom set but I have to check with my husband first. I would like to invite all of my loud friends over and play spades while blasting explicit music until four in the morning but the children have school tomorrow. I love that dress, it shows just the right amount of cleavage to make me feel attractive to the opposite sex but that would be disrespectful to my husband.
The point that I am making here is yes, husbands, we know you have it hard with our unpredictable ways but we took your last name and released the person we once were to be your perfect wife and though it was a sacrifice, it was a sacrifice we were willing to make. With that comes the responsibility to make us happy in the areas where we would normally have done it ourselves but you probably wouldn’t approve. So the next time you think you have it hard, think of your significant other and what they too must have given up. Marriage is about compromise and finding a happy medium. Saying I do means saying I don’t to alot of other things you used to do. Remembering that you both gave up something or someTHINGS for the other is important when you find yourself in a moment of frustration in having to see eye to eye on a matter.


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